Addiction is a mental condition which occurs as a result continued ingests of substances such as cocaine, alcohol and nicotine or excessive engagement of activities like sex, shopping and gambling. These substances and activities may not be harmful but persistent of excessive consumption and practices of the activities become obsessive and as a result impede with the normal life responsibilities like health, work and relationships.

Addiction is the psychological and compulsive desire for something which takes control of the live of a person. In other words, addiction is a compulsive yearning to keep on consuming substance or doing certain activity as a result of past consumptions. Addiction results to habit in addicted person and it is so hard for that person to stay without consuming the addictive substance or doing the addictive activity. However, addicts are not conscious that their deeds are irritating and causing harms not only to their lives but also others.

Effects of Addictions

Most deaths in modern world are as a result of addictions. Many nations are doing everything possible to reduce if not end addiction related deaths. Addiction ranges from social behaviors to substances consumptions. However, the most common and deadly addictions in modern world includes marijuana, tobacco and alcohol. Many deadly accidents are caused by drivers who drive under influence of addiction substances. Additionally, excessive consumption of addictive substances is harmful to the life of person.

Generally, when people hear about addictions, the first thing which strikes their mind is alcohol or drugs. However, there are other social ways a person can be addicted such as gambling, internet or even sex. Sexual lusts are as a result of addiction to sex. Many families and wedding have collapsed due to sexual addictions. Most interesting, people think that it is not possible to curb addiction and therefore leaves their beloved ones to perish in this deadly habit.

Control Measures for Addictions

Most people consider addiction as a social challenge which needs social solutions such as incarceration. However, scientists argue otherwise; addiction is a mental disorder that involves compulsion to engage in addictive substances or activities on a continuous basis so as to have experience its intuitive effects. Interesting though, this mental condition has both social and behavioral influences which requires medical attention; just as other mental disorders like Alzheimer and schizophrenia are prescribed. Moreover, researchers insist that addicts must be seen as victims suffering from mental disorder and not people engaged in evil practices.

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