Effects Of Snitching

Snitching is giving out information purposed to be kept undisclosed to other people in exchange of money or other special treatments. This happens in the daily life in the society and more often in prisons by the inmates. It is not always that a person snitches on the other for material gain. However, there are dry snitchers who do it not for any gain but only to let the other person suffer. This paper aims at discussing some of the effects of telling on somebody.

First, snitching leads to the down fall of institutions when a member of staff gives out very important information about the company to other company. In exchange for the information, he may be given a ransom or given a high position by the other company. Most of the people who are victims of snitching on their companies are those who are poorly paid or overworked. The rival company uses the tips gained from the other company and succeeds while other one fails.

Secondly, snitching results in reduction in the level of crime in the general public. The prisoners give information about the other criminals who work with them. The police then use this information to get the criminals and put them in jail. In return they may reduce his jail sentence or set free the prisoner who snitched on his or her colleagues on condition that he stops crime. Even if the prisoner does not stop committing crime after being released, the general level of crime reduces.

Lastly, telling on someone leads to loss of trust to the individual who at one time snitched on another person. When a person who snitched on the other becomes known to the public, everyone tends to keep off him or her. In such a case, the person feels humiliated even if he or she did it for the good of the society. The victim goes through loneliness which can lead to depression and entry into immorality.

It is clear that snitching is not good as it causes problems in the society. Companies and other institutions fail due to leakage of crucial information as well as enmity between the snitcher and the offended party. In many instances, snitching is often followed by the offended party grudging on the party that fails to exercise loyalty to the other. It is however important to stop snitching but one should only do it if it is for the benefit of everyone.

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