Life – Another Point Of View

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It is very hard to live an ordinary everyday life. The normal peaceful life is the luxury. It is not a cliché, but paradox. We grew up on stories about the average family, the beauty of family and happiness that only everyday life can offer. And that is exactly. The beauty of peaceful life is truly sacred. Happiest stories always find somewhere far away, in isolation from something of general social life. But the problem is, that it is not enough to start a family and expect true happiness. It is childish to expect all the riches of this world as a gift, just because we started a family. Before each community, always precedes the individual. Every individual for himself is the base of the community. Moreover, individual personality has to be as independently as possible. A person must have it’s own identity expressed. Only in this way it is possible to be good for your community, whatever it is. It is wrong to seek refuge in another. It must be only in ourselves.

This one also should not be considered wrong. Is not about selfishness and commercial expression of self. It is again the wrong way. It happens to people who have lost themselves, endorse other in over- expression of yourself. They referred to their despair they think is the right way. But any extreme is bad. A figure represents what deep in man. It's not even a soul. This is something that is in my heart. This is something that must be consciousness. In reference to what is in the soul, we will be good or bad for your community. But in this case there is no bad direction. It's always good to discover the truth about themselves, whatever it is.

The truth is as a raw material. It is possible to focus on the best way in relation to what is it’s essence. As with any material, work is possible to create something extraordinary. Just built parent can be a good parent. Just built citizen can be an example to their community. You should always set aside time for yourself, for your thoughts, review and improve their personality. Never should one not be accused of selfishness, if a person needs privacy.

May even be true that in essence there is nothing special beings. You may discover the truth that everything is much simpler than the one that we would like it to be. But it is a moment that can not be feared. View of reality is the best thing that could happen to us.

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