Alzheimer's Disease

There are very many health conditions affecting the human race in modern times. Some are a common occurrence and are known to many while others are not. Alzheimer’s disease is an acute neurodegenerative health condition that normally begins gradually and becomes worse with time. Early symptoms of the condition include a loss of memory that may be short lived. The victim may find difficulties to remember very recent activities. At an advanced stage, this health condition can be noticeable by challenges with language, getting lost and disorientation, a lack of motivation, mood swings, behavioral complications and an inability to manage self-care. Therefore, Alzheimer’s disease has characteristics related to a memory loss that eventually affects the normal functioning of an individual.

The Alzheimer’s disease is one of the many health complications not known to many. Well, it could be a case of experienced symptoms and unidentified health condition. As the condition further declines, the victim of Alzheimer’s disease can gradually withdraw from friends, family and the society at large. With time, the functions of the body are lost and my consequently lead to death. Even though the speed of development can vary at times, the mean life expectancy after diagnosis is between three and nine years. The disease is a common source of dementia – a set of certain symptoms characterized with the loss of memory and thinking challenges, speech or solving problems. Such symptoms are noticeable through a brain damage caused by some diseases such as this.

The disease is named after Alois Alzheimer, the doctor who explained it initially as a physical disease that normally affects the human brain. A more detailed description of the disease is an increased buildup of proteins in the brain forming structures known as ‘tangles’ and ‘plagues’. This results into a loss of linkage in between the nerve cells and finally causing death in the nerve cells and a loss of the tissues in the brain. Some important brain chemicals are also insufficient in such a condition. This inadequacy hinders the effective transmission of signals leading to a total body function failure stemming right from the mind.

Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most serious complications that affect the brain and the entire body in the process. It is responsible for many deaths worldwide and has continued to be a major worry in the society today. This loss of memory interferes with day to day life as the condition persists in a given individual.

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