How To Find A Free Persuasive Essay: Vital Advice

A persuasive essay requires the writer to take the reader on a journey that ends with him or her accepting the proffered point of view. It’s not necessarily going to go that smoothly and at times the writer’s opinion is directly opposite to the view of the reader. In such cases it would take a miracle rather than good writing to make the reader have a change of heart. When the problem is more a matter of style, the regular reading of sample essays can improve your powers of persuasion significantly. Here are some places you can look.

  • Try a database
  • There are many databases online for academic writing. There are very good ones that require a valid college ID or even a payment in order for you to gain access. There are also good ones that can be accessed by anyone freely. Just be on the lookout for databases that have very low quality samples. There are content mills which create pseudo academic writing in frightening quantities and if you aren’t certain how to tell good writing from bad, you may find yourself using bad samples to structure your work.

  • Ask members of your social circle
  • If you’ve been in school for any length of time you will have met others who have less difficulty in writing than you do. The only case in which this is not true is if you are the best writer in your school in which case you most likely do not require sample essays. Ask around. Your more intellectual friends may have piles of essays available to you if you are willing to ask to see them. You can do this online as well if you’re not confident enough to ask in person.

  • Try your closest academic professionals
  • Whenever you are given essays to write, there’s a teacher, professor or tutor behind it. Whoever that person is, they undoubtedly have access to essays other than yours. You can use your verbal powers of persuasion to access essays of the variety you need. Ask them to show you the type of writing they want you to emulate. Make it clear that you need to see other writers’ work in order to improve your own. You can make a good enough case to get the samples you need.

There are several other methods you can use to find essays and you can even look into other types of persuasive writing if this will help you to improve.

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