7 Basic Things To Know About The School Essay Format

If essay writing is new to you there are likely questions about how it should be written and formatted. Most papers of this nature follow a simple 5 paragraph format including an introduction, 3 body paragraphs and a conclusion. In some cases an assignment of this nature can vary depending on guidelines. The following 7 points offer basic insight regarding the format for this type of writing.

  1. The introduction. This is the first paragraph of your paper. It has several elements including a hook, topic sentence, background details on your topic and thesis statement. These elements are important when well written they help introduce your main idea or purpose behind your paper.
  2. Body paragraphs. These include multiple paragraphs where each explains a supporting point related to your main idea. Each paragraph will also have evidence, a topic sentence and a transition sentence that links one paragraph to the next while keeping each point separate. There are example papers you can study to get a better idea how to develop these paragraphs.
  3. Conclusion. This is the last paragraph or ending to your paper. You provide a summary of supporting points and restate thesis statement. The conclusion sums up or summarizes your paper as a whole. This is how you bring your topic to a close. You have a chance to leave a lasting impression or highlight something in significance you want readers to take note of.
  4. Thesis statement or main idea. This is the reason why the paper is being written. This appears in the introduction paragraph and gives your paper purpose. The details that will follow on the page work to prove this statement. This statement should be clear, concise and solid; if not your paper will be difficult to write due to lack of proof.
  5. Organization of details. How your paper is structured is important. This means for each point or main idea there should be a paragraph. Each paragraph has a similar structure with a thesis statement, supporting point, evidence and a sentence of transition to link the next paragraph.
  6. Transition sentences to link paragraphs. This element is important because it encourages good reading and helps your ideas flow together to show why they are significant to the main idea.
  7. How to keep sentences short, clear and concise. Short sentences make it easier to read and write.

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