A Latent Fingerprints Investigation

The purpose of examining fingerprints, is to understand how they are tied to a person and to follow the trail that they've left. Because we all have identifying factors that map out who we are, in examining your hands and palms, these give a unique code that no one else has. In looking at fingerprints, this is similar to mapping out where a person may have been and as it relates to an investigation, if they could be tied to, or involved in a crime scene.

Because there is a large, national database that includes all criminal records and fingerprints, these can be readily accessed and tied to arrest records. The benefit to someone like a medical examiner is to better assess what happened to a person and if they were in a particular place, or in the vicinity when an event occurred. For example, your hands and palms are so unique that if you were to pick up a cup of coffee, if you left it at a crime scene, years later, those identifying factors could still place you at that particular location. They may not be able to give a date or time, but this stamp on your hand, so to speak, can confirm that you were at a location, if indeed, you said you were not. It could also mean that someone took a coffee mug that you used and placed it there.

When investigators look for evidence, as they dust through different rooms they can tell who was in the room based on the various identifying factors that they left at the scene including the hand and palm matching that we mentioned and other codes like your particular hair strands or cells left from your skin that identify you based on your DNA which is unique only to you. As we research these areas more through forensic science, we can better understand and assess how these maps identify you with where you were.

Keep in mind that with billions of people that have their information in the government’s search database, the government is able to readily identify these different points and unique factors, to better determine who a person is and their identity. That's why you'll see many cases in the news, where a tiny, section of these unique maps ro codes could mean life or death for someone who is facing a prison sentence. That's one of the main reasons why it is so important and vital that when you gather identifying factors from a criminal or anyone who’s been bonded or working at a government job, that the information is accurate to ensure it’s correct, preserved well, and clearly obtained.

It's this information that can help an investigation and tie it to a person because you have assessed through a database that can verify this unique coding belongs to the person in question. It’s the quality of the test that can better help an investigation and with its importance in criminal investigations and the significance of this in helping to solve crimes and murders that you can better understand the details that go into this type of identifying factor.

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