Marijuana: How Bad Is It?

The lure of drugs is not a new phenomenon. People have always used drugs for medical purposes, for spiritual solace and a device for pleasure enhancement. Medical use of drugs prevailed in many parts of the world and in India its use was found from Vedic times. Interestingly, what is today looked down upon as taboo in many parts of the world was a common practice among the sages of India from ancient times. Even today the practice is seen in many spiritual centers spread across India. However, this use of drugs in the past was not the common practice among the people, especially among the adolescents.

Today, across the globe, youth takes to drugs in an alarming way. Generally they are called substance abuse. Among the many different substances which are consumed by people these days Marijuana seems to be the least harmful. However, many youngsters start on Marijuana and move on to harder and more dangerous concoctions. Studies show that Marijuana, though in itself is not so dangerous, acts as the trigger to move on to more lethal practices.

Apart from the harm done by Marijuana as a drug, it becomes instrumental in perpetuating crime in various forms. Cultivation of cannabis is the mainstay income for the terrorist groups. Due to the ban of the product in many parts of the world, the profit from peddling it is very high. Many terrorist groups flourish on the trade of Marijuana. Police interrogation of captured terrorists shows how lucrative the trade is.

Marijuana has been used as a strategy for youth to cope up with frustration. Studies have shown that in India, where the unemployment of educated youth is rife and the possibility of getting a stable job is remote many resort to Marijuana which is found to be cheaper than drinking and can be carried conveniently and can be used stealthily.

Research on the dangers of Marijuana is unfortunately is centered on laboratories where they study the effects of the drug on the brain and body. They come to the conclusion that the damage done by it, is milder compared to tobacco and alcohol. The studies have not examined the social damage of peddling in Marijuana. This is a myopic approach to any study. It is high time that more conclusive studies are carried out to establish the relation between global crime and terrorism with the widespread use for Marijuana.

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