Disadvantages Of Immigration In The UKM


In this paper I will give a brief overview of the problems that are arising because of inward migration in the UK. The paper will discuss the cause of migration and then we will move on to the adverse effects it has bought to the Kingdom.

The UK and especially England is a developed and civilized region and has many opportunities for people living within and outside. As a consequence people from poorer or developing countries find great opportunities to make a better living and support their families. As per latest consensus results; the UK received about 260,000 immigrants during 2014 [1]. We have seen that people oppose immigration of other nationals in UK so, let’s take a look at the disadvantages of immigration in the UK.

Generally speaking, immigration in the UK has different outcomes and results and this is a very long and controversial debate whether immigration in UK has given benefits to the country or not. A recent study conducted by Lord Ashcroft, revealed that only 1 out 6 people believe that immigrations have benefited the country whereas 6 out 10 believe that immigration has bought more disadvantages than benefits [2]. As a matter of fact, the major concern faced by nationals (about 36%) is the competition brought about by immigrants in terms of jobs whereas about 24% told that they had lost public services to other immigrants [3].

Besides this the natives are facing the problem of lower wages and higher housing prices. The people surveyed told that they were facing lower wages because immigrants were readily available at lower wages which had ultimately bought down the average wage rate. Moreover, with increasing population, accommodation prices have also gone high which has caused difficulties for the nationals.

The government on the other hand has got the job to deal with increasing number of citizens and they have to make extra additions in their budgets to accommodate welfare services for these immigrants. Besides this, making room for immigrants in government welfare programs automatically results in depriving nationals with these facilities which has resulted in natives developing a feeling of dislike for immigrants.

Hence we have seen the effects of immigration and point-of-view of the people and as a consequence the government is taking measures to minimize these activities. Moreover, the current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, David Cameron promised that he will reduce net migrations to 100,000 but failed to do so and now he has imposed several tax conditions on EU immigrants [3] in order to reduce the influx of people. This might help UK in reducing the number of immigrants and provide better facilities for the people already living there.


So we have seen the disadvantages imposed due to heavy immigration in the UK and how people feel about it, moreover we have seen the measures being taken by the government and how they seem to be dealing with it.

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