Ten Interesting Essay Topics On Art History And Theory For College

College students may not be too perturbed by the imposition of art history at the outset, but on going deep, they find many layers involved. Art history goes back many years and presenting it in a rarefied manner takes some research and reading.

Difference between periods

You need to scour through the mentalities that created the resonant difference between periods. You need to write cultured and instructive essays, especially when dealing with certain uncharted topics.

The passage of influence

Your art history essay may be set in the 20th century or the 15th, but the clarity of thought should not be compromised. It falls on you to present the exact mindset of the times and how it impacted the creative thought-processes of the times. Needless to say, they were also influenced by the giant works in turn.

Here are 10 art history and theory essay topics crafted by IBuyEssay writing professionals for college students –

  1. Cover Spanish Literature during the Modernist phase – Spanish Literature has seen many crests and troughs through the last 5 centuries but it reached its zenith during the Modernist phase.

  2. Write about the intricacies and subtle nuances of The Last Supper – The Last Supper has been differently interpreted by many scholars. Express your own perspective on the magic painting.

  3. Illustrate on the reign of Ashoka in India and his contribution towards the spread of Buddhism in South East Asia – Ashoka sent his kids on Buddhist missions to South East Asia and built many Buddhist structures during his reign.

  4. Write about the vividness of various paintings assembled in a collection for an exhibition at Harrods – Harrods is known to put distinguished and varied painting son the platter.

  5. Assess the proactive aggression of Anglo-Saxons and the impact that it still carries on reflective minds – The history of Anglo-Saxon conquests is etched in many British minds. Write an elaborate essay.

  6. Cover the life history of Nelson Mandela and his fight for apartheid – This cornerstone of the arch spread forgiveness even in such troubled times.

  7. Shed light on The Italian Renaissance period – This period requires an exploratory essay.

  8. The birth of Cubism and its modern potent exponent; Picasso – Picasso had its own mind and a terrifically creative one at that.

  9. When writing took the form of lyricism – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Alice in Wonderland – Weave your work through the sketches, influences and illustrative capacities of these two starting books.

  10. The inflection of art in Islamic architecture – Many of the olden mosques have supreme styles of Koran inscription on the panels. An essay worth writing.

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