Where To Go Searching For A Proper Chicago Style Essay Example

Chicago style is sometimes confused with Turabian because both of them use note systems. However, Chicago style offers two alternatives – referencing your source in parentheses in the author-data format, or referencing it as a footnote.

Before searching for essay examples, consult your instructor on which version of this style you should use. Depending on the answer, look for either samples with footnotes, or those with references. To avoid confusion, ignore essays that use a different citation system from the one you need.

  • Chicago style manuals.
  • The first place to check for proper examples is in The Chicago Manual of Style (16th edition came out in 2010). Your college or university library should have at least one copy of this book and, given that essays in Chicago style are assigned much less often than those in APA or MLA, it should not be overly difficult to borrow. Also, you can access the electronic version of the book, for free, on multiple online resources. The greatest benefit of this approach is that you will not only discover essay examples, but also precise guidelines on how to cite each particular kind of source. The book will be especially useful if you need to cite an uncommon source, such as a painting or a musical track.

  • Local homework help center.
  • Visit the homework help or writing center on your campus, or in the local library. These centers have been created to assist students with different kinds of essay writing, so they have a selection of samples in each citation style. You can be sure that these examples are genuine and of excellent quality.

  • Educational websites.
  • Browse the Web for resources explaining the Chicago style. Add the phrase “sample essay”, in double quotation marks, to discover relevant examples. Before you download any files, check whether the website is trustworthy. A reliable resource should state openly which organization it belongs to, and have contact data such as mailing address and phone number in place.

  • Your tutor’s archive.
  • Some instructors modify common academic citation styles to better match their own taste. If you suspect that your tutor could be doing that, or you simply want a fail-safe method, instead of trying to filter good samples from bad ones on the Internet ask to have a look at the essays he or she has on file. Many tutors store the best student papers they receive as examples of good practice. You will see exactly what version of Chicago style your teacher wants you to apply.

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