Invention Of Europe

Europe is known for the major inventions that have taken emanated from the people of that continent. Most of these inventions were seen after the Second World War. Many countries had suffered during the war and were anticipating another war. This is the period that came to be known as the Cold war. Countries were just from World War Two. They were already preparing in the event of another War. Many countries were doing things in secret so as prevent their invention from being stolen by their enemies. After the war, Russia sent a satellite into the space to help with communication. Other countries though that Russia was using that satellite to spy on them. This was known as the Sputnik effect. It is therefore very clear that this period was a period full of inventions. People invented mass production of weapons, better fighting methods and advanced education systems. Formulas to project missiles and other war weapons were researched and perfected.

The major inventions

Major inventions were done by the major scientists. Periods were marked by major inventions in those periods. Inventions have to be protected and that is why intellectual property and patents were introduced. This was with the aim of making sure that those who came up with the inventions enjoyed the full benefits of these inventions. Major inventions were also named after the countries in which they happened. This has led to the rise of many inve3ntios in Europe. Germany is the country that has the highest number of inventions in the Europe followed by Italy and then France. These countries are still known to have had the most number of scientists in the world.

Importance of the inventions

Inventions in countries reflect the growth that is in those countries. The countries which had the most scientists had the most inventions. These inventions led to a simpler way of doing things and thus improved production. When countries produce in large scale, they get to export. This adds to the countries revenue and thus boosts the countries growth. Countries with many numbers of inventions have better and improved ways of life. Inventions gave an easier way of doing things. Inventions also implied better and sophisticated fighting methods. This led to better security as these countries are protected. There were also inventions in agriculture that led to increased food production. This implied food security for the nations. Inventions have been associated with the great development in the European countries.

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