Analysis Of Kate Chopin's The Story Of An Hour

Kate Chopin’s short story is basically a written piece of work people can read within an hour. Some people who have read the story feel it is a creative way of reviewing elements of an hour, but how they affect people throughout their lifetime. For instance, there are situations in which a person does not want to do something because they know it may take a long time, but in reality it may not take as long but it may seem longer than usual when it is something they don’t enjoy doing.

In Chopin’s story there are different elements that occur that can make time slow down. Well, it may seem as if time has slowed down considerably. There are a number of things that happen that make it seem as if time would move much faster, but it does not. It does not take much time for these things to occur but it does make readers look at how we see time differently. The author writes the story with third-person narration. They describe events that occur while seeming thinking time is taking forever to pass.

The character in the story talks about being informed of her husband’s death. There are other things that happen within the hour that makes the amount of time the essence. At the same time, the sequence of events seems in line with reality. It is not like some of the events should have taken more time than you would think, but more like not paying attention to the time when certain things happen. It helps readers realize a person’s time and place when something happens. The characters in the story bring another amount of interest that make people feel as if they went somewhere far in a short time.

The story is easy to read and gives readers something to think about. It is a short story that offers more insight about time than people don’t think about too often. Even though there was a sad element in the story, it seems as if it was only a feature behind its purpose. Kate Chopin’s work provides intriguing reading through creative thoughts and events. Readers may get a little confused on what actually happened during the story, but it makes sense as it comes together in the end.

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