How To Make Maximal Use Of A Summary And Response Essay Example

Students need to learn how to write strong summary and response essays. These assignments should provide a brief paraphrase of the key ideas of the material being analyzed and an evaluation of the author’s work. You have to prepare a paper that consists of two main parts. The first one is an introductory part, and the second one should contain your opinions in the relation to the work that you study. A summary and response essay might seem complicated, but if you have a good example and know how to make a maximal use of it, you can compose a strong paper and receive a high grade.

The following suggestions are created in order to help you benefit from an essay example:

  • Do not limit yourself with a single example.
  • It is impossible to find a perfect sample, so you should spend some time to select several documents to study deeply. You could visit websites of your college department, go to the library, or download examples from educational databases. Either way, it is necessary to evaluate a credibility of chosen sources first.

  • Realize what you can learn by using a good summary and response essay example.
  • Pay special attention to how other students compose introductions, what their thesis statements look like, and how they structure the body paragraphs. The typical elements of a good body paragraph should include a topic sentence, evidence, explanation, and transition. However, you might find some interesting details that you would like to apply while working on your assignment. Keep in mind that a strong conclusion reconnects to your thesis idea and the work you analyze.

  • Participate in essay writing discussion forums.
  • Today, you can find plenty of paper examples written by other students by searching on academic writing discussion forums. You will benefit from participation in discussion about uploaded summary and response essays. Students usually welcome criticism of their works, so you can share your opinion and learn what others think about the example paper.

  • Learn the common mistakes, and realize how you can avoid them.
  • Look for papers that have been already graded, so you could find the comments that its author received from his or her supervisor. This way you will learn the common mistakes and figure out how to avoid them in your writing. Do not hesitate to contact the author of the essay, so you can learn more about the paper. It is a good idea to study an academic writing manual in order to improve your writing skills.

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