Child Abuse

Many people will define child abuse with the use of the visible physical abuse. However, there is more than the physical bruises and the broken arms. There is the emotional trauma caused by neglect and emotional abuse. It is the role of the community as a whole to see to it that all cases of child abuse are reported and addressed properly. The earlier an abused child gets help, the greater chances they have to attain normalcy in their lives and moving on. It is therefore for parents, guardians and teachers to learn about signs of child abuse. This way, they will be able to help children and make a difference in their lives. Unfortunately, most of the cases of child abuse being reported today are perpetuated by the same people that are trusted to be taking care of children. Parents, teachers, guardians and religious leaders have been implicated in many ways. We have reached to this position because we hold different myths about child abuse.

Myths of Child Abuse

The prevailing myth which is a misleading fallacy is that children are only abused if it is physical. We forget that emotional abuse and child neglect will have adverse and, even more, damaging impact on the child. Others believe that only the bad people can abuse children. We have overprotected the children from bad people but have left them in the hand of parents and guardians that are real monsters. Most parents that were abused when young could be abusing their children from time to time. This is not because they have the intention to abuse but because they know of no other way of parenting. Another myth is that abuse cannot happen in rich and what are termed as the good families. The truth is that most of these families will look good on the outside but are hiding a lot in the inside. Again it is wrong thinking to believe that most children abusers are strangers.

Effects of Child Abuse

Any child abuse will have a scar on the life of the child. Physical scars will be visible, but emotional scars may have the most damaging effect. Most of the children that have been abused will have trust issues and will find it difficult to build relationships. This is especially if the people have abused them that they trusted or relied on for security and support. Such children will also develop the feeling of being worth less. This may affect them even in their adult life. They will be reluctant to reach for what is best for them because they feel that they are not good enough for it.

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