EMP Attacks

Electromagnetic pulse is one of the many types of new technological attacks that could be used in a terror assault or war situation. This is not something that harms the human body—it can do a lot worse. It cuts off the resources of a population by instantly shutting down all electronic utilities and devices. Anything that is motorised or electronic will be shut off or immobilized should such an attack take place. Because reports indicate that this weapon is possessed by countries like China, Russia, and North Korea; it must be asked what measures can be taken to prevent such an attack.

The cutting off of resources

The primary function of an EMP attack is to cut off all electronic functionality. When this takes place, water, power, transport, and all other computer run machinery will be rendered un-operational. In a war or terrorist situation, this can wreak absolute havoc on a city. No transport means that no defensive measures can be taken to counter an attack. Having no water utilities will cripple the population, and no electricity will plunge a city into darkness—rendering them vulnerable to secondary attacks.

Dead machinery

Millions of people rely on electronics for their daily survival and basic way of life. A hospital system is an example of this. Should a hospital be affected by an EMP attack, it may cost thousands of lives. Traffic would come to a standstill if an EMP hit a large city. Cars would be stuck for hours in a never-ending state of chaos and companies would shut down within seconds. This would not only have immediate effects on the population’s functionality, but would also have devastating long term effects on its economical structure.

Terrorist attacks

A possible way an EMP attach may be wielded is by terrorists. Enemies of the western world could make this their weapon of choice if given the chance to do so. It is, after all, a very strategic way of attacking a large location. For this reason, measures have to be taken in certain countries to counteract such an attack should it occur.

In a world where machines and computers run so many functions, an EMP attack is a scary thing to think of. As citizens in a free country, we can only hope that our governments have foreseen this possibility and come up with preventative and counter measures.

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