Arab Spring And Post Communist Transition

The Arab Spring is a great example of post-communist transitions. The Arab Spring in Egypt and Tunisia started into thousand 11. At the time the speed and extent of the spread for these uprisings was predicted by experts in the field. But very few and analysts were able to link the current uprisings to the post-communist revolutions that took place between 1989 and 1991. But recently has continued uprisings begin to shake the area this comparison has started to come back into play. The analogy was brought up on a visit to Warsaw by Pres. Obama and since then policy analysts have echoed the same theme.

Comparisons to the post-communist transitions can help to dispel the assertion that people in the air region are incapable of democracy for that this particular area of the world is unique. While there are great differences between the Eastern Europe of 1989 in the air bridge today there are nonetheless striking similarities between the revolts. History helps us to predict clearly when current uprisings will become fully fledged revolutions. There are many striking parallels between the two movements and comparisons need to be thoroughly explored.

There are many similarities between the post-communist revolts that took place between 1989 1991 and the Arab uprisings that took place in 2011. In both of these regions there were existing regimes that objected to revolts of any kind and remained strongly authoritarian for multiple decades. In both areas the governments developed a monopoly of power as well as highly repressive sets of control techniques. The governments in both regions to develop a self-perpetuating Inner circle that surrounded the leadership and their closest associates. While the communist regimes had a greater degree of totalitarianism they nonetheless both developed advanced systems of control for their regions.

By the time the revolts in both regions had taken place the widespread disillusionment about the official regime and the government. In many cases government and state to shins will become corrupt and when they no longer provide adequate public services citizens become abused and humiliated. Soon their hypocrisy is transparent and people no longer want to bear the affronts to human dignity. Both the Arab leadership and the pre-1989 Communist governments had created an economy that failed to provide their citizens with the quality of life they expected. There words a visible lag between the top and the bottom earners. In both regions and educated middle-class had started to grow and increase travel and access to other forms of media allow younger generations to better educate themselves to the west and the freedoms and prosperity that it provided.

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