List Of Original Argumentative Essay Topics To Write About

Why Argumentative Essay Writing Is Crucial?

We all participate in arguments in real life. One may say that in way, an argumentative essay equips you with all the ammunitions that you require in real life arguments. An argumentative article is a piece of writing that demands the student to inquire thoroughly about a topic, collect evidences in support of it, analyze them and finally incorporate it in the essay in a logical manner.

Through these steps of argumentative writing, a student is bound to learn how to defend her/his opinion rationally.

The Structure of Argumentative Essay:

Mainly it consists of five paragraphs. The introductory paragraph must include review of the topic, its importance and the thesis statement.

The further body paragraphs should contain the evidences regarding the issue while the concluding paragraph must feature the re-instatement of the topic and its evidential supports- in a concise manner.

The following suggestions may come as handy (in variety or in entirely) while giving out an argumentative writing project.

10 Topics to Choose For Argumentative Essay

  1. Increasing the age of driving may lower accident rates. Are you in favor of that?

  2. Fashion industry world-wide is setting the beauty standard impossibly high for common women world-wide. Do you think it must change its morality?

  3. Depression is spreading in more alarming rate among urbane people. Do the corporate conglomerates have a role behind that?

  4. The next generation must make the first move to bridge the generation gap with the previous one. Whom do you support in this tussle?

  5. Children engaging in violent video games may develop sadistic personality traits. Should gaming industry do a morality check?

  6. Competition is killing the harmony in society as a whole. Are you for or against of it?

  7. To put a stop in population explosion, governments of populated countries must take stringent actions. Do you support the fact that government has to control the personal decisions?

  8. Feminism is weakening the societal structure, making too much noise while producing insignificant results. What’s your view on that?

  9. The social networking sites are making us more isolated rather than stay connected round-the-clock. Pick up a side and show us why this statement is right or wrong.

  10. Religion is the drive behind so much bloodshed. Abolition of religion can only bring world peace. Take either for or against stand and show solid evidential supports in favor of your argument.

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