The Role Of The Ukrainian Army In World War 2

There have so far been only two conflicts that involved just about every nation on the planet. Each of these resulted in extreme levels of suffering across the globe. The majority of the countries involved have recovered but the scars of these conflicts can be seen in many of our policies to date. This essay considers how such things ever came to pass at all.

What was the reason for the war in the first place?

The first World war was fought for very different reasons than the one it preceded. The second of these great skirmishes had to do with the state of distress Germany found itself in. With high levels of unemployment and general social instability, there was a growing undercurrent of resentment towards the Jews for being a visible and generally successful minority. A young failed painter named Adolf Hitler witnessed this and decided that the root of Germany’s suffering was the inclusion of impure people within its gene pool. He wrote a book outlining his strategy for cleansing the nation called ‘My Suffering’ and used it as a political rallying cry. He was not laughed off of podiums. He was actually a very charismatic speaker and by tapping into the frustration of his fellow citizens he managed to convince them to commit evil unspeakable deeds against their Jewish, Gypsy, homosexual, and differently-abled neighbors. He also decided to take his policies to the rest of the world along with a few ally nations. These included Japan.

How was the Ukrainian Army involved in all of this?

In accordance with Hitler’s plans, many nations near to Germany were occupied and forced to act in accordance with its policies. Ukraine was one of these. A special Ukrainian force was set up to help carry out these plans. As this took place there were elements of resistance but at one point it was not clear that Hitler would have been defeated at all. The Nazi forces appeared to have a fair chance of being victorious such that Japan felt confident in attacking the United States preemptively to ensure they stayed out of the conflict. This went very poorly.

Our United Nations came about to ensure that such attempts at genocide would no longer take place or at least that they would not succeed ever again.

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