Feminist Criminology

Feminist criminology may refer to two different things: the feminist school of criminology, or a national journal which is directed towards research related to females. Feminist criminology was developed in the 1960s in response to a disregard women felt they experienced in criminology. The journal itself is considered to be a criminology commentary from the perspective of feminists. Feminist criminology in modern day is predominantly focused on women’s victimization as well as delinquency and any type of inequality or injustice to women applied through the justice system.

Feminist criminology as a schooling is commonly related with second wave feminism and focuses on a variation of opinions and views from multiple famous feminist authors. In this perspective, it’s widely supported that the more violent assaults and acts of crime are causes of masculinity, making the crime of women appear as results of the gender inequality they experienced. Associated theories with feminist criminology are gender studies, mainstreaming, matriarchy and gynocentrism. Overall, this school of criminology focuses on sexism in the criminal justice system and the influences imposed on the steps of the process, whether it is through the sentencing or punishment. Gender roles importance and inequality alike are discussed in this school of thought.

The Feminist Criminology journal focuses and discusses relevant viewpoints as previously mentioned. The journal is dedicated to the research of females in the confines of feminist criminology. It is a peer reviewed work, and alongside the theory of feminist theories in crime, the journal also focuses on the nature of gender. The journal itself was established not too long ago in 2006 and is in ties with the company Sage Publications. The journal is published quarterly, meaning that a new publication with different topics and discussions is released every three months, and four times per year.

As stated on Sage’s official web page for the academic journal, Feminist Criminology offers information and provocation of thought on topics not limited to gender, but also race, ethnicity, the treatment of female offenders in the justice system and a wide variation of outlooks such as cross cultural or international. When we seek to define was feminist criminology is, we must understand that it is a broad and extremely complex study of products which stem from human kind’s culture and history over the years. Many are dismissive of the concept and the study, but quite a few insightful arguments and point may be made on the injustice and biasness experienced by females in the justice system.

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