Urban Design

Urban design involves the process of planning, shaping and designing of towns, cities and villages. It deals with a larger scale of buildings, public spaces and the streets with the purpose of creating an urban environment that is sustainable, functional and attractive. It utilizes many elements from various disciplinary that include the municipal and civil engineering, landscape designing, urban planning and building architecture. It also requires the understanding of the social science and the physical geography with the appreciation of the urban economics, development, political and the social lifestyle. Urban design entails creating that connection between people and movement, places and the urban life. It draws together a lot of strands of making a place, social equity, environmental stewardship and the economic viability into the creation of urban places that has distinct identity and beauty.

Disability and urban design

Before the 1970s most urban design was not centered on a disabled person, it took minimal account of the requirements of the people with disabilities. From 1970 onwards the disable people formed movements to demand of their recognition on the various model in the social life and also the recognition of their long-term contribution if obstacles in the social environment were to be removed. The movements saw a proposal of a social model that included that explanation of how the design of a building environment is a problem to the group. Local areas were audited in the form of the planning and many representation of how to improve the areas were made. Since those times, the disabled people have always been considered in the design of a building and also the planning of an urban setup. Today in most countries there are legislations and associations that protect and improve the disabled people in the daily improving urban design.

The influence of urban design

Urban design can affect the economic, social, environmental and cultural outcome of any place significantly. Urban design affects the social economic success of a place by encouraging the local business, attracting people to stay in that locality by either the cost of houses or the lure of jobs or services in that area. Urban design affects the balance between the built environment and the natural ecosystem with their outcomes that are sustainable because of the utilization of the space and the forms in which buildings and structures are cited in the environment. It also has an influence on the social, health and cultural impact of the place with the ways in which people interact, move and use the place.

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