Gettysburg Address

The speech is in the history of America as the greatest speech that has ever been given in the soil. The speech itself lasted only two minutes but left a significant impact. It is an address that has been used in America in many contexts. The speech was prepared by the president in honor of the fallen soldiers during the Civil War. It was at their grave site in Gettysburg. The president was honoring the soldiers for maybe after they were buried not many people would remember what happened, but their achievements will be long with us. The opening remarks of the speech were symbolized the independence of the United States. Lincoln was brave enough to use the principles of America in the speech. He stated in the speech that the war marked a new birth of freedom. This new version of freedom would see all members being treated equally. He had prepared the speech well and it is the reason it is the most influential speech in the land of America. The speech has its sources from the principles of America and the Bible, which he believed was supposed to guide the people.

The Legacy of the Speech

The speech was built on all the principles of America. It promised the people a government that would accommodate all the people in the honor of the dead. The speech has been quoted in other contexts several times. When President Lincoln was assassinated, the words in the speech were said in his burial. The speech is still taught in the classes in America today. Martin Luther King in his book I Have a Dream, has referred to the words of the speech. “Five scores years ago” the opening remarks of the speech refer to the time independence was achieved in America. In 1963, the words were used by President J. F. Kennedy to refer to the courage and faith that Lincoln had in the principles of the United States. in the constitution of France there are words that talk about the government the government of the people for the people. They have borrowed these words from the Gettysburg Address.


There are five copies of the Gettysburg Address. The copies are different in wording but of the same context. Scholars have had doubts about which of the copies was made first and the one that was read on the material day. The fact is that Lincoln made the five pieces and gave them out.

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