Roma In Europe

The institutions in Europe and each of the European Union nations have a common responsibility of enhancing the lives of the Roma citizens in the region. The Roma people are the largest ethnic minority in Europe with an approximate population of about twelve million in the entire Europe. A big number of the Roma citizens in the EU have been there as victims of social exclusion and prejudice. This has been very evident despite the banning of discrimination by the EU member states. So who are the Roma? This is a very important question if any understanding was to be drawn from this important subject. Basically, Roma is used to refer to diverse groups that put together names like Gypsies, Boyash, Sinti, Travellers and Roma among few others as applied in the EU policy discussions and documents.

All the member states and the EU itself have a particular responsibility concerning the Roma who are present in every part of the region. Guided by the charter of fundamental rights, EU applies values that are usually translated into practice for purposes of improving the conditions of the Roma population. The inclusion of Roma is based on the inclusive growth priority concerning the EU 2020 plan and particularly on its flagship initiative to fight poverty through the European platform. Therefore, the Roma people have been of huge interest in Europe and beyond. The complete inclusion of the Roma has been esteemed highly for purposes of economic benefits for the societies in the region, particularly for the member states that have had a shrinking populace incapacitated in their labor force.

The Roma have not lived in Europe without challenges. They have been largely marginalized in both the urban and the rural settings and have continued to thrive in very dire socio-economic situations. The social exclusion, discrimination and segregation faced by the Roman are reciprocally reinforcing. The problem is quite enormous as many people have continued to face inadequate access to proper education, integration into the workforce, low income levels compared to the rest in the European world and inadequate access to healthcare attention. These issues have culminated into a case of increased mortality rates and a decreased life expectancy when evaluated against the non-Roma. Therefore the case of Roma in Europe is a situation of injustice over a group of people that is vulnerable in many ways. The people lack the political and free will to determine their state that is purely capitalistic.

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