What Is Prejudice?

Prejudice may be defined as that notion or opinion that is not based on any facts, experience or even reasoning. Prejudice people simply judge others for no reason without even meeting them. They also judge situations based on maybe what they hear other people say. It is thus correct to say that prejudice people are narrow-minded. Prejudice may be very harmful. Narrow mindedness and judging people and situations may make one lose and waste great opportunities. For one to be successful, there is the need to be open minded and avoid prejudice and grab any opportunities that may yield favorable outcome. Success requires people who accept other people and learn how to live with them regardless of their origin or what they have heard about them in the past. Avoiding prejudice means that one can work smart without fear of discrimination and negative comments and this can help and aid networking in any given society or organization

What are the roots of prejudice?

Personality factors are one of the primary roots of prejudice in the society today. People that are for example authoritarians tend to be prejudice against others. Secondly, cognitive factors also are a source of prejudice. Sometimes prejudice is viewed as human nature as people’s thinking may be categorical. Identifying roots of prejudice is crucial because, to deal with a problem, there is the need to know the roots.

Prejudice in the Workplace

Prejudice is very common in various workplaces. The fact that some companies in their selection of employees are very careful and strict not to hire black people for certain positions is an evidence of prejudice. This is prejudice based on race. Prejudice based on sex is also common. The belief that men are more gifted than women or that they are incompetent makes women miss great opportunities that they may be qualified for. Prejudice thus gets women to be treated unfairly. Prejudice is also evident among different employees in the same organization. This occurs as a form of discrimination while forming social groupings in a workplace. Additionally people make negative and offensive comments against others. This is wrong however as employees are supposed to create and maintain a work environment that is professional and should favorable and conducive for all to work in. There is need to seek clarification in case such offensive comments are made to discourage prejudice. People need to be open-minded and appreciate others through the learning process.

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