Writing From A To Z: Helpful Tips To Write A Powerful Essay Conclusion

The conclusion is the final part of an ESSAY. This should not be hard. After all, you are almost done, right? Many students suffer from writer’s block right at the end of the paper. Wondering what exactly you are supposed to say in your term paper conclusion? Here are some general ideas to help you along:

Reiterate the reasons why your research is important

Talk a little bit about the objective of the assignment and its significance. This should take two or three sentences. Mention the significance of the conclusions of the paper.


The structure of the conclusion should be dictated by the writing style used in the assignment from the get go. If using an MLA, Harvard or APA format, let your conclusion be guided by the corresponding stylebook.


Use the conclusion to revisit the most interesting elements of your homework. These could be some surprising findings, irony or any other phenomenon that is intriguing.

Should your paper have the main statement that you are building a case for,, the conclusion is a great place to reiterate it.

Opposing Viewpoints

If opposing viewpoints were discussed within the term paper, they could be mentioned in the conclusion as well.


A good ESSAY does not just fizzle out into nothingness. It ends with a bang. Go through your conclusion again and again. Reword it several times until it reads wonderfully. Your points should be communicated clearly and succinctly. Being too wordy is not good.

Simpler words are usually better. Avoid being too verbose.


A quotation from one of your sources would add a nice touch to the conclusion. If the quotation is particularly good – and reflects the spirit of your ESSAY – you can put it in right at the end.

Clichés are a no-no

Avoid stating the obvious by writing words like ‘in conclusion,’ or ‘summing up.’ It is easily discernible to the reader that the conclusion is the final part of the presentation.


Go beyond merely just restating what has already been written on the academic paper. Tell your reader what those findings mean. For instance, you can talk about the future implications of a certain event. The conclusion is your final chance to leave a good impression – an after taste if you will – on the reader. Use it wisely.

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