Composing A Strong Essay On Why Homework Should Not Be Banned

Any time there is a controversial topic like this, you will get a lot of people commenting on it. It is a very emotional issue whenever children are involved. Anytime you are writing from the point of emotion, your essay will be strong. Often the best essays come from something you are very passionate about. That is why it is always recommended to write about something you are interested in. If you do any type of research on this subject, you will find out that there are good reasons for both sides of this coin.

Back your statements with proof

Strong essays are undisputable. If you say something and you can back it with proof from multiple sources is hard to dispute. Actual quotes from various sources seem to give more credence to your statements also. Take excerpts from other sources that substantiate your statement.

Write clearly and concisely

If you make long, rambling sentences sometimes the meaning gets lost or confused. If your sentences are short and direct, they will be more believable. When you ramble or make long-winded sentences, some people think you are trying to convince yourself. Every word should mean something when you are trying to make a point.

Try to find many different statements that support your position.

The more points you give to support your position, the better. Think of when you are trying to convince someone to do something. The more different reasons you give for doing it, the harder it is to not think it should be done. The more points you give that say you are right, the better chance your audience will believe you.

Get actual statements from people with credibility.

In this situation, find some parents whose children have benefited from homework and talk to them. Include their statements in your essay. It will give credence to what you are saying and it is hard to refute statements from actual parents who have seen success as a result of homework. It may even be a good idea to include more than one. Statements from principles give more credibility to your statements also.

Again, when you are discussing topics that arouse emotions you will find different reactions to your essay. If you make a strong stand by following the above suggestions, they will have to respect your side of the argument.

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