Police Brutality

Keeping law and order is the work of the police. However, what was supposed to be a noble job has in most cases not been. The police have been found to propagate crimes in human societies rather than helping prevent them. Police brutality has been realized through the prosecution and charging of innocent people against crimes they have not committed. They have continued to exercise their power in ways that are not ethical raising a lot of questions as to what exactly is the role of the police in executing their duties and mandate.

This vice has however not been propagated by all but a section of rogue police individuals and units. A lot of cases of police brutality include the use of excess power, intimidation and careless murder. Many countries have experienced these activities by the police characterized by the unwarranted use of power to gratify self-interests. Many people have fallen victims of such unfortunate incidents and the results have not been one of the best.

Forms of police brutality

The brutal nature of policy work has been seen through severe punishment to people locked up in prisons and careless arrests and shootings along the streets without enough proof of the crimes warranting such arrests and ultimate charges. It is too unfortunate to establish that some of these brutal incidents are supported through the strong arms of the government and the police units. Sometimes police brutality has very deep roots and is connected to very strong systems that the general mass cannot understand.

Causes of police brutality

There are many reasons why police brutality has been so rampant in the society. For the most obvious reasons, the police are human and may at times fail to control their emotions when confronted by situations when in line of duty. At such times, they overlook the due procedure of the law and take it upon themselves to execute their plans that would call for any action regardless of what is stipulated in the law. They can brutally harass and kill suspects and crime offenders.

Another cause is through compulsion by the senior authorities. In most cases, the police are used by big authorities to carry out their plans. Therefore, the police have continued to carry out these illegal activities not because they wanted to but for the reason that they have been paid to do so. Therefore, the case of police brutality is more complicated that it was initially thought.

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