Where To Get Good Examples Of Comparison And Contrast Essays

A compare and contrast essay is intended to look at two different topics. During the paper, the student must make note of the ways that the topics are similar. Students who are unfamiliar whit this writing style should read examples before they begin.

  • Choosing a Topic
  • The best way to get a good score on this type of writing is to pick an interesting topic. Students should care about what they are writing about. For an easier time with researching the information, students should pick a topic that they are already familiar with. By choosing a familiar topic, students can make sure that they already have the background knowledge that they need to write a good paper.

  • Formatting
  • A comparison essay is more than just a list of similarities. This style of writing must be formatted in paragraphs that offer topic sentences and supporting evidence. In general, students will want to focus a portion of their paper on comparing the topics and another portion of their paper to contrasting the topics. If the student mixes comparisons and contrasts in the same paragraph, it will end up making the paper extremely confusing for the reader.

  • Why Should Students Use an Example?
  • Few students read this style of writing for fun. Since most students are unfamiliar with writing comparison and contrast essays, they should read through examples first. This allows the student to gain a clearer idea about what to expect and the type of information that is required.

  • Finding Sample Documents
  • The Internet is one of the main places that students can find examples. Free websites offer samples from other students and teachers. Students can also hire a writing service or a freelance writer to create a customized, original paper. In addition, students can always use a writing service to edit and proofread their finished paper.

Other than the Internet, students can find examples in the offline world. The campus library is a great place to find samples of different writing and formatting styles. In the writing section of the library, students can find writing guides and manuals as well. If the student needs other writing examples, students should ask their professor or visit the school's tutoring center. In the tutoring center, students can get help with writing, researching and editing their assignment. Once the paper is complete, students can ask their professor to read through it. By doing this, the student ensures that they are turning in the best quality of writing possible.

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