Music In Communicating With The Gods

The belief in a higher power is a vital part of the lives of millions of people the world over. There are almost as many denominations and religions as there are people who believe when one considers that the version of the faith that each individual practices varies from place to place. As common as religious belief is, it is uncanny how many faiths have some sort of holy songs or prayers set to a melody that are used specifically to reach out to the heavens. This essay will look at how we use music to get closer to God.

Creating a Trance State

Scientists who work specifically in acoustics have noticed a certain phenomena. There are tones that create a certain vibration in the brain that the brain will tend to react to quite similarly to the state that is created when we sleep. In such states we begin to feel a sense of much greater calm and even relaxation. It has also been noted that the way many places of worship were built, the voices of choirs and even parishioner could create that effect as they bounced off of the walls. These help deepen the prayer.

Religious Entertainment

There are many people who will admit that the main reason they attend services at a particular place of worship is because the music is so good. There are churches such as the Brooklyn Tabernacle that have choirs that are famous the world over. Even people who are not particularly religious may end up listening to and enjoying their songs. This may appear to be a way to spread one particular religious doctrine but it is unclear how many people have switched religions based on the lyrics of a particular song they heard and liked.

Song worship as an offering

There are some denominations who see their music as not just a way to speak to God but a gift to Him or Her. They may even call it an offering. By making the most beautiful sounds they can they hope to please a higher power and make themselves more acceptable in his or her sight. It may even be seen as a celebration that He or She can join.

Without musical accompaniment, most religious services would be much more dry and boring. Their use serves multiple purposes and those who do not condone it are missing out.

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