How To Find A Proper Example Of A Classification Essay

A classification essay can be fun. You will take place, places, or things and sort them in some logical manner. The sorting will result in types of subgroups based on similar characteristics. There are three steps to properly writing the classification or division paper. You should:

  1. Sort the items
  2. Make sure to sort categories with some kind of sensible organizing guideline that is understandable
  3. Find and name examples that fit into each section

The thesis statement will be a little different than one for a normal essay. It must have the subject, as well as how the things are sorted. An example thesis statement might be:

Italian food can include fish, pasta, and tomato sauce.

In order for the paper to make sense, once you have gotten past the first paragraph with the thesis statement, you will then:

  • Decide what the groups will be-make sure to include all important details concerning the topic
  • Sort by one principle or characteristic-when you sort you may discover a subcategory that might not fit, remove it and then add one that does fit
  • Support all categories with examples –note the same number of examples for every group or sector

You might think that finding a good topic would be difficult, but the contrary is actually true. Almost any subject could be modified in order to work for this composition. Once you pick the topic, make sure that if one section is weaker than the others, that you place it in the middle. Always try to start and to finish strong. Some great ideas for this unique composition might be:

  • Classifying the Civil War
  • Classifying the kings and or queens of Europe
  • Sorting states or countries
  • Airplane classification
  • Automobile classification
  • Song or poetry classification
  • Play or movie classification
  • Disease classification
  • Dog classification
  • Any pet classification
  • Any food classification
  • A vacation classification
  • Tourist attraction or theme park classification
  • Sport-football, soccer, baseball…classification
  • Athlete classification
  • Team in sport classification
  • US president classification

While a classification paper is a bit different than what you might be used to writing, it is not difficult. Once you get into the sort and support pattern, the paper should flow easily. Organization and properly sorting are key tools to use when constructing this paper. Use all of the rules and sample titles found here in order to help you with this assignment.

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