How To Compose A Body Paragraph Of A Rhetorical Analysis Essay

The rhetorical essay will present an argument and then bolster it with valid claims and responses to any possible arguments. You want to argue and prove your point. The main body paragraphs are very important as that it the meat of the paper.

The best way to approach these appeals is by using ethos, pathos, and logos. There are other ways to compose the body paragraph, but these are the standards for the format. The order in which you use them is your choice. Additionally, how many of these appeals are within each paragraph is also the writer’s choice.

  • Ethos
  • The ethos is an ethical appeal to the audience. It will reach out to the audiences desire to do and to recognize what is right. An example of this might be that it is important not to steal because the things that we are taking do not belong to us. They belong to someone else.

  • Pathos
  • The use of pathos in the main point section of the paper can be tricky. This style appeals to the reader’s emotions. It can be hard to present an emotional appeal in an academic fashion. You want to link up with your readers, not turn them away because the emotions were just too heavy. This is considered to be the strongest of the three approaches.

  • Logos
  • In the logo approach, the writer wants the reader o think with his or her adult and logical route. This can be hard to convey if the emotional factor has the writer too passionate. An example of this is that it logical to live in a green style, since we want the world to be around for our grandchildren’s grandchildren.

You may, with your teacher’s permission, deviate from this standard. Some instructors allow new writers to compose shorter pieces using only one or two of the three approaches. This would be a teacher’s decision, and you would want to ask about suing this exception.

The best way to learn to write in this style is to read this type of paper as much as you can. And if you can find a good template or model to follow while working on this, the job would also be easier for you. Each time you write this type of paper, the task will become much easier for you.

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