Cults Past To Present

Cult commonly refers to a group either religious or social that has beliefs and practices that are socially deviant. Beginning at around 1930s, cults became the tool of sociological studies in relations to study of religious behavior. The Christian counter-cult movement has always opposed some cults who have some unorthodox beliefs. A cult has always had negative connotations in the society. Cult and religion are closely related since both groups have their set of beliefs and they believe that whatever they do is right. In the past, most people didn't want their group to be considered as a cult rather most of them referred to them as a new religious movement, novel religion or alternative religion. The use of these words didn't have any successful outlook to the general population. Hence the word cult remained. In the past many scholars have come up with there on thinking which group should be considered as a cult which one shouldn't. These resulted in a lot of anti-cult movements with the Christian counter-cult movement and secular anti-cult movement leading the way in opposing the unorthodoxy cults.

Past cults

In early times, cults were considered to be the satanic groups which brainwashes its members to have a loyal member of a cult. Although the idea of brainwashing members of a cult was rejected by those who favored the cults but the anti-cult used it as their unifying theme. In extreme corners they used forceful deprogramming on a brainwashed cult member. In both media and the general public cult gained a negative connotation since it became associated with negative things like brainwashing, sexual abuse, kidnapping, psychological abuse, mass suicide and other criminal activities. Most cults in the past, members were subjected to a lot of stigmatization and discrimination.

Modern cults

The modern day cults have been structured in a way that most of its members are not subjected to any form of discrimination that was associated with the past cults. One striking thing today is that most cult member operates in a normal way, unlike the past cult members. The present day cults are able to bring into their ranks people who are extremely intelligent, prosperous professionals and academician who can easily have successful and happy lives. In most cases today most cults revolve around on scientific founding’s, tattoos, religious believers and the ancient and trending world. The leaders of these groups have been criticized for siphoning off cash from its members and being the driving force in the loss of innocent lives. Today there are still a few cults in existence since most have gone on to call themselves as movements due to the strange modern saga involved with the word cult.

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