How To Use A Compare & Contrast Essay Example: Tricks For Lazy Students

You may feel that writing a compare & contrast essay is just going to be too difficult or you just feel too lazy, but there is a way to get the work done and make it easy for yourself.

There are a lot of websites offering help for students and this includes websites that have examples of compare and contrast essays. Find a website that offers a sample of a compare & contrast essay, look for a topic that you may find interesting.

The big advice here is don’t just download and pass it off as your on work, this will not go down well and trust me your tutor will know that you are guilty of passing someone else’s work off as your own.

Got your example? – lets get started. Read through the example.

  1. Note that the topic is probably something that is either current, newsworthy or has different slant on something that is quite commonplace.
  2. Now look at the way that the example flows, taking the reader from one bit of information to another.
  3. The essay follows a traditional format, Introduction, Main part and conclusion.
  4. Each paragraph follows the same format. It will have an introduction sentence then the main part will have the information that supports details that compare or contrast. The final sentence of the paragraph will draw the information together and then introduce the topic of the next paragraph.
  5. Be analytical, look at how for each comparison there is a contrast. If there are three bits if information that show a comparison there are three that contrast.

Check out another example and see if the format is the same. Make sure that when you choose your examples that you are choosing a ‘good’ example, one that would get a good mark.

Essentially, the most difficult part of writing this type of essay is of making a decision about what to write about. Once you have made that decision you just need to follow the format above.

  1. Select your topic. (There are web sites that can give you lists of suggestions).
  2. Think of three comparisons and three contrasts (there needs to be an exact balance here). Even an excellent writer will fail at this hurdle if they don’t balance.
  3. Remember to check any facts and figures and say where you found them (this is easily done online).

Good Luck

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